Affordable Apartments for All Types of People

Finding just the right luxury apartment anywhere in the country is difficult enough with the high prices. So, you wander until you get to Salt Lake City. It is here that you will find the perfect luxury apartments in Salt Lake City. Situated in the Suburban mountain range is a gated community that is bound to stop your traveling. This community will make you re-think about Salt Lake City. Close to some of the mountain skiing communities is the best location you can find.

The most unbelievable land is located here. The standardized floor plans consist of apartments from 650 square ft. to 1200 square feet. They come within unit washer and dryer, fans, wood floors, microwave and air conditioning, and fireplaces. Pets will cost extra. Each unit is cable ready. The grounds are controlled access grounds with 2 swimming pools and there is a child care service available. The child care service is located in one of the buildings next to the playground.

The community itself is equipped with business center, Wi-Fi in lobby, parking, clubhouse, wheelchair access and garage. The fitness center is extreme large and is state of the art. It will accommodate a large number of people who work out. The apartments themselves are light and airy and allow beautiful scenery to become the part of the view. The landscaping fits right in with the surrounding area and are so perfect you get the feel of being part of the mountain landscape.

The stone lodge leasing office offers a unique perspective from the traditional type of leasing offices usually done in brick. There is a lobby offered for people to gather and play cards, talk or whatever you want to do. In spite of the provision of space and hook ups for the washer and dryer units, there is still a large laundry facility located on the site.

Nestled in the mountain, you don’t have to imagine the winter views and the springtime animal activity, you will be right there to witness it first- hand. This complex is a country persons dream.

Just because it is in the country does not mean you have to stay there, just a few short minute drive and you will find yourself in the city. For those that are not interested in driving there are city busses, and a light rail that will transport you around. The main highways are available for easy access on and off. Once in the city there is shopping, eating, drinking and cultural events.

The dual life offered to you between the city and the country will actually leave you a complete person. While the rent is not as reasonable as in many locations in Salt Lake City the complex will well make the extra worth it.